Individual Awards

We would like to thank everyone who applied for a Bucky Award this year! The applicant pool was incredible and everyone was deserving of great honor. The Madison community is lucky to have so many talented and motivated individuals and organizations striving to make a positive impact here at UW-Madison. Below are the winners of the individual awards. Each winner has worked to better those in the community through deliberate and intentional actions, and we would like to formally recognize all of these wonderful contributions made to the UW-Madison campus and community.

★ Best Advisor: Dane B. Cook ★

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The Best Advisor Award recognizes an advisor who excels in guiding their students and/or organization to success. They promote social justice and student development while following a strong ethical code. The advisor also strives to positively challenge and support the individual or group to achieve an overall goal or mission statement.

This year we are happy to give the Best Advisor Award to Dane B. Cook. He is very talented in his laboratory work in the field of exercise psychology, but more importantly, he is talented in his work with his advisees. The kind of support and scientific preparation that he gives the people he works with goes above and beyond what is expected of him as an advisor. One moment that was especially notable when reviewing the application was the way that he cared for the success of the nominee’s academic career by insisting that he be included on a project, going so far as to say his participation was contingent on the involvement of his student. The positive impact that this advisor continually gives is something that this student will never forget, and will surely guide the advisee towards creating that same impact for others in the future.




Winner Note:

Working with the talented, intellectually curious and ambitious graduate students in the Department of Kinesiology is the most gratifying and fulfilling obligation of being a Professor at UW-Madison. This award is as much for them as it is for me.

★ Global Citizenship: Alondra Avitia ★

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The Global Citizenship Award is given to an ambitious student in regards to their experience while abroad, and recognizes a student’s efforts to increase their awareness of global issues, whether it is through an internship, a class, or a volunteer project.

This year’s recipient has explored her identity as a student here at UW-Madison and as a global citizen through her study and internship abroad experiences. She states that “global citizenship requires being proactive in engaging with the world around you”, and has embodied this idea abroad in Brazil and Italy,  as well as on campus. While in Italy, she lived with Italian roommates and chose to dive deeply into the community and culture in Bologna. On campus, she has focused on questions of culture, identity and belonging in the International Learning Community, in BRIDGE, and the Latinx Student Union, among other organizations.

Winner Note:

It is very affirming to see my values of Global Citizenship being recognized by the International Internship Program. Living with a willingness to be vulnerable and challenged by ideas and perspectives different from our own is what we should expect from each other, especially in times of crisis that we are seeing in our world today. Now more than ever we must engage in conversations and exchange ideas globally to effectively prioritize the wellbeing of our citizens.  

To me, global citizenship is not something I will one day fully attain: it is a continuous journey of constantly challenging the way I think about my surroundings and confronting my biases; it is being faced with many uncomfortable situations and accepting it is through the discomfort that you grow and learn the most. I urge you all to accept, face, and embrace the discomfort.

★ Health and Wellbeing: Katie Kalvelage ★

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Bucky’s Health and Wellbeing award is given annually to a student or student organization that excels in promoting and achieving overall wellbeing and good health on campus. This student or student group has demonstrated excellence in promoting health, providing exceptional resources to campus and the wider UW community, and organizing unique activities/programs/policies that allow students to improve their overall wellbeing.

Katie described wellness as an ever-changing continuum encompassing many dimensions including physical, mental, financial, and environmental health. Katie has been a catalyst for change on our campus, by advocating for many different mental health resources. Some examples include adding pages in all student planners that described UHS and tutoring services, served on the mental health task force and worked with ASM to get additional funding for more mental health providers. 

Katie also spearheaded a campaign to make UW-Madison a tobacco-free campus. This policy is important as it protects all members of the Madison community from the negative impacts of tobacco.



Winner Note:

Winning this award has been a great opportunity for my work on campus to be recognized. It also shows that I’ve been able to give back, through my work with health and wellness promotion, to a campus and community that has given so much to me. It’s a huge honor to be on a campus where I cannot only accomplish my goals and make a difference, but belong to a community where we celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Proud to be a badger!

★ Individual Leadership: Kalley Carlson ★

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The characteristic of a leader that most will resonate with is integrity. To lead with positive intentions, to learn from others, to confidently communicate, and to always lead even when no one is around. Kalley has showcased her integrity and drive for excellence in her work with Ask. Listen. Save. Serving as the fundraising coordinator, her efforts in planning the annual Out of Darkness Campus Walk, providing mental health workshops, as well as projects to spread love and joy have impacted countless students on campus. Her passion for serving others as a facilitator of diversity and inclusion workshops showcases how intentional her leadership is. The Wisconsin Alumni Association would like to congratulate the 2020 Individual Leadership recipient, Kalley Carlson.

Winner Note:

I am very honored to be receiving the Individual Leadership Award. Leadership is a quality that I value very much and try to put into practice in my daily life, no matter the situation. Receiving this award is a positive affirmation of the hard work I have been putting in to all of the issues and ideas that I am passionate about and motivates me to continue to always be a leader in the future, in whatever I end up doing.

★ Most Involved: Juliana Brandt ★

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This award is given to an individual who not only demonstrates an impressive commitment to involvement in a variety of different organizations, but who also demonstrates an understanding of the importance of balancing meaningful involvement with academic success, leadership development, and personal wellbeing.

Juliana is involved in areas including mental health, improv, tutoring, women in science, statistics, relationship building, housing, admissions, and SOAR. One of the most inspiring things about her is the willingness she has demonstrated to step outside her comfort zone, explore new organizations, build new relationships, and how that has helped her become someone more comfortable trying even more new things and meeting even more new people. She shows us through thoughtful consideration of our goals, we can broaden our own lens through which we see the world and achieve things that may have at one point seemed out of reach.



Winner Note:

I love each of the activities, organizations, and groups I am a part of on UW’s campus. Winning this award means so much to me because I see it as my way of making a lasting impact on my school and the community around me. The different communities I am involved with have made me who I am today, and this award is the embodiment of that growth within myself because of my peers. To everyone who has supported me thus far, thank you so much for everything.

★ Outstanding First-Year Freshman: Terjuan Short ★

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This award goes to a first-year Freshman who has shown his or her ability to be a leader on campus and in the surrounding community. This student shows strong interest in furthering their involvement in a student organization, program, or cause, and creating a unique mark on the UW-Madison community. In addition, this student has taken initiative within their involvement and encompasses important values and ideals of the “Wisconsin Experience.”

We chose Terjuan because in his Freshman year, he quickly became involved all over campus. For example, he started volunteering with Badger Buddies even before the first day of class and joined several identity and fitness-based student organizations.  He has also joined the executive boards of two different organizations, the Wisconsin Black Student Union and the Wisconsin Association of Black Men. This shows initiative in taking on quite a lot of leadership roles for a first-year student!

Terjuan is clearly passionate about providing service to his community through the involvement mentioned before and a service trip that was scheduled for spring break (though clearly that did not end up happening).  He talked a bit about growing up in a community without many positive male role models in terms of possible career paths and education, and we were impressed by how determined he was to take advantage of all the resources and opportunities available to him here. Congratulations Terjuan, we hope you have a wonderful time at UW-Madison!




Winner Note:

I’m honored to be named the recipient of the Outstanding First-Year Freshman Award by the Center for the First-Year Experience. It’s incredible to know that my natural curiosity to learn can win me an award for doing the things I enjoy. I came into the University of Wisconsin – Madison as a First-Generation college student, so I had no idea what to expect or how to navigate the campus. I am going to accept this reward on behalf of all the first-gen students that are working a new system and striving to make a difference.

★ Outstanding Senior: Yogev Ben-Yitschak ★

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When we think about the word legacy, Yogev has exemplified what it means to build a legacy at UW-Madison and in the Madison community. He has dedicated his time to promoting student voices, combating food insecurities, and raising awareness for mental health initiatives. Involved heavily in ASM, The School of Business, and serving as a house fellow, his legacy lays in the dedication to nurturing his successors. Taking high initiatives as the director of Open Seat Food Pantry as well as serving as a mental health advocate, he has truly left a mark with his Wisconsin Experience. The Wisconsin Alumni Association would like to congratulate the 2020 Outstanding Senior, Yogev Ben-Yitschak.

Winner Note:

This award means a lot to me for recognizing the work that goes behind the scenes when working on issues. The work I’ve done around mental health, food insecurity, and developing leadership takes a long time of hard work and dedication, and this award recognizes that hard work really does make a difference. The award really emphasizes the “Wisconsin Experience” and the “Wisconsin Idea” and I’m glad to have experienced all the different ways this university gives back!

★ Outstanding Transfer: Tiffany Yang ★

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The Outstanding Transfer award is given to a student who has made a significant impact on the UW-Madison campus and surrounding community as a transfer student. This student has demonstrated his or her leadership through creating a unique mark on the UW community and successfully handling his or her transition onto campus through meaningful campus involvement.

We chose Tiffany for the Outstanding Transfer award because of her commitment to being a helpful peer to other transfer students. She works at the Transfer Engagement Center and is a role model to her peers and an engaged and professional employee for CFYE. Whether she chooses to pursue a career in law or in higher education, we feel confident Tiffany will bring her energy, commitment and desire for excellence to every situation that awaits her in the future. Congratulations Tiffany, and thanks for bringing your experience to CFYE and UW-Madison!




★ Social Justice Advocacy: Nalah McWhorter ★

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This award recognizes an individual or student organization that makes a strong and lasting impact on the Madison campus and community by promoting social justice and equality.  They also have made great strides to educate and empower others to act on these beliefs.

The Multicultural Student Center is honored to present the Social Justice Advocacy Award to Nalah McWhorter for her work in striving to create a multicultural student space within the School of Business. Nalah understands that the best way to create change and advocate for social justice is to work in an organized and communicative manner. This is apparent in her work with faculty on this mission, and in helping them understand the work she was trying to accomplish. She has also been a part of the Wisconsin Black Student Union, and is in the first cohort of BEL Scholars on campus which is intended to engage more students of color in the school of business. This award allows us to recognize Nalah for her efforts and leadership on a timely and needed campus conversation and initiative.



Winner Note:

For a while, I have struggled with finding my purpose. And, I struggled even more trying to navigate how to use my adversity to fuel that purpose. After obstacles, and loss, and failure I have found what I am here to do; make the journey I endured easier for the ones to succeed me. I am honored to be recognized for something that is not just “work” for me, it is the foundation that I have centered my life around. It is the support of the community and my peers that keep this fire lit, and for that I am eternally grateful.

We would like to give a special thank you to all of our amazing sponsors and donors. Without them this amazing event would not be possible. They put in many hours editing rubrics, looking through applications, and preparing speeches for the winners. Their generosity helps recognize some of the amazing people and organizations that make UW-Madison such an awesome place to live. From the bottom of our heart, thank you.

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