SLP events and programs are now online! To be added to our email list, reach out to us at

SLP events & programs are now online!

We will be meeting and performing our programming via Zoom! We hope to see you at your General Member Meetings. To be added to our email list, reach out to us at

As one of the most active leadership organizations on the University of Wisconsin – Madison campus, we encourage you to get involved in our organization or utilize our free services. SLP believes the leadership process begins by strengthening individual leadership skills. We offer opportunities to develop fundamental leadership skills that are necessary to maintaining successful personal relationships, contributing to campus organizations and participating as citizens in our community.

Our Mission:

To develop effective and essential leadership skills in students and student groups through comprehensive leadership education and diverse experiences.

Our Values:

Learned Leadership: Reflecting on continuous growth, focusing on the foundation and discernment of one’s internal compass, knowledge, skills, and passion through diverse experiences.

Student Development: Utilizing leadership theory and enthusiasm to develop students to produce positive impacts throughout the campus.

Intentional Actions: Generating innovative outcomes through a focus on goals, evaluation, and assessment.

Inclusivity: Understanding and appreciating the importance of the individual to create an open and collaborative environment.

Integrity & Authenticity: Acting ethically and with sincerity for the genuineness of one’s actions and characters.

The Student Leadership Program office is located in the Center for Leadership and Involvement on the Third Floor of the Red Gym (716 Langdon St, Madison, WI 53706). However, due to COVID-19, we will be operating via Zoom.